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Why Venezuela

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Population (2022) 2,957,000

Economic Growth

Experts are in agreement: the Venezuelan economy is experiencing a significant turning point and the country is poised to usher in a new period of economic growth in which foreign imports will play a major role.

The food and beverage sector is expected to attract more foreign investment. The EU is Venezuela’s fourth largest trading partner, after India, China and the USA.
Total EU-Venezuela trade accounted for € 2.9 billion in 2019, and was highest in 2012 (€11.08 billion).
Imports in food and agriculture from the USA were estimated to be up by 30% in 2021, and the UK made 14.6 million dollars (11.9 million sterling) in beverage exports to the country alone in 2022.

Venezuela is experiencing a rise in young, urban populations with disposable incomes and international tastes. Producers selling in Venezuela will be able to make the most of a growing retail sector which had a 7% increase in consumer spending in 2022. Caracas and other Venezuelan cities are once again welcoming attractive hub for investors in tourism and hospitality.

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