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Venezuela’s Hospitality Sector Recovery

Venezuela has some of the most incredible landscapes in South America. This country literally pulsates with verve and vivacity. While the bustling cities of Venezuela draw the young and the restless, its stunning countryside beckons the intrepid traveler to enjoy a moment of peace.

Venezuela’s Hospitality Sector Recovery Led By Luxury Hotels

The luxury hotels of this country are some of the best in South America. Venezuela Marriott Hotel Playa Grande, CCT, Hotel Gran Melia Caracas and Caracas Palace Hotel are some of the finest luxury hotels this country has to offer. Read on to discover more about these and other luxury hotels in Venezuela.

The head of Fenahoven, which represents 287 hotels, some of which are five-star, says the profitability of the luxury segment in recent months has been due to the premium tourism sector in the country, boosted by the arrival of Russian and Iranian citizens, but also by entrepreneurs who are looking to invest in the country. There are at least 10 five-star hotels in Caracas that have managed to stay in business despite the pandemic, and in the face of the country’s adverse economic situation, which has registered a slight improvement as each segment has found a space for reinvention.

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