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Register as Professional buyer

Professionals in the Food and Beverage sector, Purchasing Managers, Owners of Restaurants and Wine shops and the like are invited to register.


Proof that you are a professional buyer or own a business in the sector is required, you will have to provide a personal and business identification document as part of the registration process. All tickets will be personalised.


Accepted Industries

    •    Specialty wine, drinks and fine foods
    •    Food retail trade
    •    Beverage pick-up markets
    •    Organic shops/organic supermarkets
    •    Mail order/online trade for wine, drinks and foods
    •    Wholesale for wine, sparkling wine, spirit
    •    Import/export of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
    •    Agents for wine, drinks and foods
    •    Catering business
    •    Hotel and restaurant business
    •    Trade associations and institutions
    •    Other Professional buyers of the Beverage and food sector


    Benefits of registering as a Professional Buyer?

      • Preferential access to the exhibition lounge

      • Event Badge

      • Promotional welcome package

      • Personalized advice

      • Customized schedule of b2b meetings with selected exhibitors sourced by The Fancy Tipple

      • Access to product catalogue

      • Invited as Professional Buyer to future events organized by The Fancy Tipple




    Do you require…

      • Hotel accommodation?

      • Transportation from/to the airport and the event venue?

      • Food arrangements while staying at the hotel?

      • Anything else?


    Then ask us about our Hosted Buyer Program


    For applicants that qualify, we will provide assistance with all the above.
    There’s only a limited amount of Hosted Buyer slots, so contact us to make sure you don’t miss out!

    The Fancy Tipple

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